All about Pillows

Written by Kylie Haseloff


Posted on April 10 2022

When it comes to styling a bed, there are so many options that you can choose from. Lots of pillows or minimal pillows? Blanket or no blanket? Neutrals or colors? Layers or no layers? Here at Jux-ta-posh, we want to help you find just the right look for you when you style your bed. Let me explain to you what all the different pillows that we have in the store that can be used to spruce up bedding.

Dutch Euros are the biggest pillows that we have in the store. They are normally 38” by 32” and are great to place as a background pillow against your headboard. Next, we have Euros. Euros are classified as a complete square pillow that can come in different sizes. The standard size for euros is 26” by 26” but is also available in the size 32” by 32” and more.

Next, we have the king and standard pillows. These are by far the most common pillows when it comes to making a bed. A king size pillow is sized at 20” by 36” and go perfectly with a king bed. These pillows often can be staged as a sleeping pillow or, with the right shams, can bring spunk and color to the bed set up as well. The name of the standard size pillow perfectly describes itself. Being 20” by 26”, this pillow is normally the pillow that you sleep on. With two, they fit perfectly on a queen/full sized bed. One standard pillow can easily lay on a twin sized bed. Most of the time, bet sets and sheets, depending on the size, come with one or two shams that are most placed on that specific type of bed.

Throws, lumbar, body and other decorative pillows are normally the pillows that add texture, color, and pattern to the different spaces. Though these pillows typically range in size, shape, and color, they normally follow the same concept.

Now that you know a little bit more about pillows, go out and find just the right pillows that match your personality! If you need help or just want to put a bed together before you make a purchase, come into the store, and let us help you and/or put a bed together just to your liking! You know where to find us, 1701 Buddy Holly Ave. Lubbock, TX, 79401, and do not forget about our website that contains all of our different pillows.



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