The Jux Experience

Written by Kylie Haseloff


Posted on October 20 2021

If you are like me, shopping is your therapy. You’re stressed? Shop. You’re bored? Shop. You’ve had a long day and need to get away? Shop. To me, shopping is a great way to make any day a little bit better.


Hi! Welcome to Jux-ta-posh! We are so glad you chose us today for your retail therapy!


First off, if you are new here and have not been able to witness the Jux experience, we are so glad that you are here! The welcoming sent of a candle from Tyler Candle Company, along with the soothing toons softly playing in the background greets you and draws you into our amazing store filled with lots of cute and exciting items. Our Jux girls can help you with your ideas and direct you to find just what you need for your special place. Here at Jux-ta-posh, there are so many items to explore including: kitchen supplies, bedding, décor, Hula Sue clothing, Meow Meow Baby products, and even, our ‘enter at your own risk room.’ You are sure to find that special item to meet your needs


I would also like to welcome back our existing customers. At Jux-ta-posh, we are constantly ordering new products as well as restocking those customer favorites and I cannot wait for you to see the new products that are coming in! Speaking of, if you haven’t seen our White Teapot with Black Dots & Gold Electroplating… let me tell you… retail therapy at its finest with this item!! This is a must have! This teapot is definitely one of my favorite items in the store. They are going so fast, but the good news is we just ordered some more, and we hope to be receiving them again soon! So, hurry in for the last few teapots and be on the lookout for the restock very soon. You won’t want to miss out on this item. They will be giving you another reason to itch that retail therapy you’ve been reaching for.


There have been so many times that I have had conversations with Jux customers asking them about what brought them in? Their response is usually along the lines of, “I came here just to get away,” and hey, I am right there with you. Again, I tell you, retail therapy is a real thing! Or at least to me it is…


Being one of the Jux girls, I look forward to coming to work. However, my job would not be complete without the personal relationships made not only with the other Jux girls, but with the customers that come in everyday! Here at Jux-ta-posh we want our customers to not only love our store but become a part of our wonderful Jux family. Let us help you relieve that stress, help you put together a bed, or find that perfect piece. Us Jux girls thrive on helping others and are anxious to help you. So, come in, get away, look around, and chat with one of our girls! We would all love to see you!


Our address is 1701 Buddy Holly Street, Lubbock, Texas 79401. Again, welcome! Our life here at Jux-ta-posh just got so much sweeter with you in it.



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