What does JUX•TA•POSH even mean?!

Posted on February 16 2021

Jux ta what?! What does that mean? How do you say it? Am I saying it right? I get these questions all of the time. And I totally get it! It doesn't roll off the tongue as easily at first... But once you know it, and get it, you LOVE IT! I have heard all of the butchering of the pronunciation over the years. With a name as common as Kimberly, I never understood how it was to have a unique name that not everyone said correctly on the first try. So for the Kianne's and Leilani's of the world, I get it now. I have had some people try to make it French, which cracks me up because we are not that fancy. I have had some add an 'NKS' making it sound like JUNKS-TA-POSH. My own husband is guilty of this one! For years he pronounced it this way, until finally he just decided to start calling it JTP to avoid any further butchering of the name. HA! So I'll break it down. The correct way to pronounce it is JUX, which rhymes with "luxe". TA like "TA-DA"! And POSH like the Spice Girl! JUX that simple! Haha see what I did there? ;-) 

It comes from the word JUXTAPOSITION or JUXTAPOSE which is the unexpected combination of two opposites being placed close together to create an interesting effect. So in the case of the shop, it is the "unexpected combination of Salvage & Style." It is the combination of what is old and new coexisting in a home to create a space pleasing to the eye and heart. Something like a rusty metal can being placed with beautiful vibrant flowers for your entry table.  It is your grandmother's passed down bedroom suite adorned with beautiful new linens in your guest bedroom. It is a salvaged beat up workbench that becomes a gorgeous modern-day desk or island. It is the repurposing, reimagining and reliving of things from the past in a beautiful modern way for you to love! I get so excited just thinking of the creativity, ingenuity and "outside the big box store" thinking that JUX-TA-POSH inspires in it's customers! Those that walk through the original old doors of this building and into the exposed brick backdrop are encouraged to be anything but 'Big Box store catalog page 9' in their home. It's about creating your own space; a space that is unique to you and your family! Mixing what you have that's special to you, with something new that lights your heart up when you walk in the room to see it! It's about the mixture of the perfectly curated with the perfectly imperfect. It's about the character mixed with the poise. These items go BEAUTIFULLY together in ANY style you are claiming your own! I think that is what I love about JUX-TA-POSH, it can be every style and one style at the same time! It is Farmhouse, Industrial, Chic, Traditional, Modern and Urban all in one! Don't feel stuck with a particular style and feel defined by it. Instead, I encourage you to define your own style by what makes you smile!

Over the years, Jux-ta-posh has grown, evolved, and added to its variety. I started with only salvaged items, only repurposed treasures I found in barns, fields, and flea markets. Mainly because that's what I knew, what I could afford and what I loved to save! I say some people save animals, I save junk. I find it abandoned, abused, neglected and think to myself- I'll save you! I'll take you home, clean you up and find you a nice home that will love you! Ok so not as noble as saving animals, but it is my passion! In 2016 I decided to start adding in some new items. I called on sales reps that would write my little bitty orders that stretched my budget more than I was comfortable with, but got me out of my safe box. Quickly I started to see a change. And I LOVED IT!!! The mixture of adding new items with these older pieces of the forgotten past made them light up and gave purpose for their future! I was able to show how gorgeous linens made an old European bed unique and inviting! How a new set of dishes on a beautifully carved old table was the perfect setting for a growing family! Just like anyone's home over the years, it evolves but stays true to its roots. Today in the shop you will still find old mixed with the new. You will still see items that were tossed out, broken, or forgotten, fixed up and repurposed to live on!

So back to the word JUX-TA-POSH. What does it mean? It's a feeling, it's an experience, it's a mixture, it's hard to explain, and is unique just like you. Just like anyone you become found of, I have given it a nick name, JUX.  So if you feel funny pronouncing it, just call it JUX or better yet, YOUR NEW HAPPY PLACE!



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