Premium Fabric Refresher

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Scent: Radiant Spiced Tangerine

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Before spraying, shake the container. To open, turn the spray tip. Spray on fabrics, curtains, carpets, towels, table runners or pillows while holding the container upright. For desired strength, mist as often as needed. Before ironing, apply this formula to add scent and soften fibers. Note: it's not for skin! Do not spray on walls or objects, especially painted or varnished surfaces. After spraying, close the container by turning the tip. Store the product upright in a cool, dry place.


Heaven White Lotus: Floral / fresh notes provide a night of tranquility and inner peace.

Radiant Spiced Tangerine: Uplift and energize.

Cozy Santal: Musky / woody notes give a warm embrace that envelops you in a sense of comfort and peace. 

Blessing Dark Amber: An intense and enigmatic blend of woody and oriental notes that make you feel protected and in harmony with nature, enveloping you in a warm and loving embrace.

500 mL