Welcome to Jux!

  • All About Pillows

    All About Pillows

    Let's cover all the different kinds of pillows in our store that make bedtime the most gorgeous time of the day!

  • Designing an Airbnb

    Designing an Airbnb

    "Designing an Air B&B requires you to expand your outlook on design. There are just a lot of things you have to consider when it comes to finding the right products specifically for the B&B that you are designing"

  • The Jux Experience

    The Jux Experience

    Hi! Welcome to Jux-ta-posh! We are so glad you chose us for your retail therapy!

  • What does JUX•TA•POSH even mean?!

    What does JUX•TA•POSH even mean?!

    What in the world is JUX-TA-POSH and how in the universe do you pronounce it?? A breakdown of the how to say it, what it means to me, and what I hope it will mean to you!

  • Welcome to JUX-TA-POSH! I'm so glad you are here!!

    Welcome to Jux•Ta•Posh!

    HI!!! Welcome to JUX•TA•POSH!! I am soooo glad you are here!! It's been a wild ride to get where JUX is today and this is just the beginning to catch you up on the last 8.5 years of its existence!